Could You Benefit From Short Term Car Insurance?

When you look into the different car insurance options available, you will notice that there are temporary cover deals as well as annual ones. There are many reasons why you may need to take out this type of policy and when you do it can be difficult to find a good deal if you don’t know the right places to look.

Finding Cheap Temporary Car Insurance

Cheap cover is not as difficult to find as you might imagine. Once you know exactly what it is that you are looking for, it is then that you can find the best deal. Looking online is definitely the best way to potentially save money and get the best quote. You can find comparison websites or you could manually compare different car insurers to find the right policy to suit you.

What you need to take into account is that the cheapest temporary car insurance may not necessarily be the best. You want to find a good cheap deal but you also need to make sure that you are getting the insurance from a reliable source. If you choose the cheapest insurer without checking their reputation then you could end up losing money and not getting the cover that you need. Before you sign up with any short term policy you need to examine what is included thoroughly.

Look at different quotes and see how they differ. Do they all cover the same thing? Have you filled in your personal details to get the best quotes possible? Each individual will require different policies and so filling in your personal details will help you to get a more exact quote to suit your needs.

Just as with other financial products – such as over 50 life cover – temporary insurance is often ideal in a number of circumstances. Whether you are insuring the car for another family member to drive it for a few days or whether you are selling the car and you only need temporary cover until it is sold; there will always be a cheap deal to suit you if you shop around.

Please do your own research before applying for any financial policy and seek independent advice beforehand.

When you need temp cover, a short term policy is a potential option. It usually lasts between one and 28 days, and offers comprehensive and sometimes instant cover. You could need the cover for a day, a week or a whole month, and this type of cover would work out as the most cost-effective option. Have a flexible insurance for on the road.

Some drivers prefer short term cover compared to annual policies. Some even take the temp insurance policies out at the same time as having an annual motor insurance policy. After purchasing a new car, drivers want to get it straight home or try it out throughout the day. 24 hour cover is convenient and affordable. It is also an option when hiring a car while the regular one is in the garage or when borrowing vans to move home. Some drivers will even use it to add another family member or visitor to their own annual policy for a short period of time.

Visitors may want to drive a family members car while they visit instead of their own. However, there is a risk of losing the No-Claims Bonus if that person is named on a current policy. The temporary, short term cover will be a separate policy and that means the No-Claims Bonus is still protected should something happen. Students returning home for short periods of time may be able to take out the cover so they can drive their parentsí cars, such as over the Christmas or summer holidays. It makes more financial sense than a university student trying to afford the cost of insurance, car tax, fuel and repairs while they are on campus.

There are some specialist insurers who will allow 17-year-olds to take out temp car insurance. This is handy for those learning to drive, where the risk of crashing is much higher. The separate cover will help to protect the No-Claims Discount for the main driver.

The internet is often a good place to start when considering a policy like this. Comparison sites can often be used to compare multiple insurers quickly and effectively. You will usually need a vehicle that is valued at £500 or more, and there may be restrictions in place. Age restrictions are common, with insurers refusing to cover those under 21 and those over 75. There are certain specialist insurers that will cover 18-21 year olds, but there may be other restrictions like having hold of the license for six months. There are also often restrictions on modifications and vehicles used for commercial reasons. Those with penalty points may also find it difficult to get the short term cover.

Young drivers may want to check out for specific information on the availability of short term policies for those under the age of 25, as it can sometimes be tricky in the UK to find firms willing to insure younger drivers on a temporary basis.